Monday, August 24, 2009

"Who I am "- intro

okay, this is going to be pretty long, but stick with me (only if you want to though :) )

i'm sure most of you have heard the water 4 christmas hype. (we all read jody's blog-right?) if you don't, you should.

anyway, last year i was buying all sorts of good stuff for christmas presents at all the water 4 chritmas etsy shops and such. i popped over to Courtney Cassada's blog. (she was making the cutest little water drop onesies and chloe and toby just HAD to have one)

ended up falling in love with her little blog and the stories she told and the way she wrote. you know, i just felt like she was my friend. (wierd i know)

she did a series of posts that i LOVED. they were called "Who I Am" and she just basically told the story of her life in different chunks. they were fun to read, they pointed to God's soverignty in a beautiful way and they inspired me to do the same. you know, i really want my kids (and my husband and my close friends) to KNOW me, to really know everything that has happened in my life to make me who i am today. and i believe that God is a Master at making beautiful pictures of our life story and i want to display EVERYTHING He's done in my heart and life and the way He CONTINUALLY calls me to Himself.

and what a great platform to do this.

read if you want to.

don't if you don't.

i already have the first one written, just waiting to grab some pictures from my parents basement.

the first installment of "Who I am" posts coming soon.....


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read your posts. Sounds like a great idea.

Laura said...

Love this idea. I may have to try it out myself at some point!!

The Moffats said...

Can't wait to read them!!!

Heidi said...

I am waiting with great anticipation.....!

kirstin said...

so fun! :)

Courtney said...

can't wait to read more!! :-)