Wednesday, August 26, 2009

um, yeah

k so i really wanted our activities to be more and mean more than just silly crafts and art projects (although those are FUN). i want these special times to influence her, i want them to start to shape her. i want to teach her about EXERCISE and SERVICE and WORSHIP and i want our activity time to reflect that.

so today on our list was RUN and JUMP and KICK the soccer ball. i told her that God MADE us and that He wants us to keep our bodies healthy and STRONG. So i started running and jumping and kicking the soccer ball.

and she started.....


"do tivty mommy, do tivty" -she kept saying.

(pretty sure she just wanted to squish shaving cream in her hands again)

soooo, we just busted out the pool and the hose.....




drinking water from a hose is meaningful right?

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Kim said...

Well, God created the water too and it's healthy (better for ya than soda pop!).