Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a snow man

dave did great last night. he knows his stuff and is great at presenting important, detailed information in a way that is understandable.


there's a lot going on around here.

we leave for myrtle beach on sunday and my "to-do-before-our-trip" list keeps getting longer and longer.


some items on said list:

-decorate for christmas (i really want to come home to an already decorated house)
-memorize my script for christmas production
-who i am #3 blog post


and that is not all of it, my friends, that is not even close to being all of it.

we'll see..... :)


(the weather was perfect yesterday and we still had plenty of heavy, wet, "perfect-for-building-a-snowman" snow...and i'm pretty sure this is avery's first ever snowman)

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