Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my face is sunburned

pretty sure it got into the seventies today. and so we took advantage.

here is a "cart-o-grandkids" outside of ihop, right before we headed to the zoo

here are my baby girls looking at some wierd bird....or pig. i can't remember.


yes, the micah fowler, was with us. 8 kiddos and she was the oldest....this was new for her, she's the wee babe of her family.

micah spots some "poo"

"are you sure it's fake ms. mandy?"

huddled around a mere cat (think hakuna matata)

trekking up that ginormous hill towards the elephants. kady is lovingly trying to get aves to look at the camera.


she made 3 or 4 mini snowmen throughout the day :)

kiddos minus toby, chloe and ashton

tried to get a pic of avery and grandma on the carousel....

got a great one of crazy micah. she literally almost fell off the horse at one point...she's a daredevil. (don't tell her mom though)

the gorillas were a HOOT today. so funny to watch. they were my favorite...and the grizzly. he swam for us.

what fun it was to be outside.

(and tonight was the last night of God's Girls 2010 (2nd and 3rd grade girls small group i teach on wed. nights) and i didn't get a picture of them perusing their store and eating their ice cream sandwiches. love those girls. thankful for the opportunity to teach them and hang with them. they all have such beautiful hearts)


AliciaB said...

My left arm and chest is sunburned from sitting outside while 'B' rode her bike. :)

Kim said...

Ah, the zoo, it looks like everyone had a blast!
I still need to post my pics from a few weeks ago! The last TWO times we've gone the carousel has been closed! Are they done with all that construction around there then?
Also, was reading in the zoo letter that they are going to do a MAJOR rennovation on the Elephant area! Should be done in 2011, can't wait to see that.
If it's any consolation, I have a mild sunburn/tan & I was so HOT last night, my face felt like it was on fire! Had a hard time getting to sleep.
Tough life, I know.

Danielle said...

So fun! Yesterday was so amazingly beautiful...we were at the park for 2 hours. I need to go to the zoo soon too - love it.

cmc said...

And those girls love you. Your impact is part of the reason they are, in fact, God's Girls. Love ya, friend.