Thursday, April 22, 2010

to ashton kate

these are your twelve month "pink chair" pics.


i took them the day you turned 13 months. but it was a full 4 hours before you actually became 13 months old. so we're good.


i know that adding baby #2 has the potential for more stress. it's hard to describe, but adding you seemingly lightened my load.


with you began my journey as full-time-stay-at-home-momma.

i was confident in nursing you. confident in letting you cry in your crib. confident in deciding to let you nap in your car seat or even miss one all together (gasp).


your smile has been all i've needed to remind me that i'm your momma and i know what's best for you.

baby books and "how to" manuals collected dust on the shelf as i brought you along for the ride in avery and i's world.

you were WAY into climbing in and out of the chair. oh the giggles :)

and i love you.
i love the way you fit so perfectly in our family.
the way you clap and wave when you see your daddy.
and how you're always trying to find avery and do what she does.

you have "go with the flow" written all over you. (probably most second borns do :))
it's kind of ridiculous how many smiles we can get out of you. ALL. DAY. LONG.


my prayer is that the joy that we already see welling inside of your deep brown eyes, will be rooted in your relationship with God. that you will be planted deep into the Law of the Lord.

and that that law will keep you grounded in truth.
bearing much fruit.
and that it will keep you secure in the fact that your joy is not dependent upon circumstances.

nope. your joy is in the Lord.

you are oh so close to walking. taking 2 and 3 steps at a time.

(all of this climbing = one face first fall. sad. she needed some one on one time with "lovey")
you say "ashton" (sort of)
you say "dada" (sort of)
you say "momma" (only when you're mad)
you say "poo poo" (sort of)
you say "nigh nigh" (sort of)

you have 2 lovies. a pink one and a purple one. you love them. when you find one on the floor you almost always start sucking your thumb and lay down for a second.

and you seem just a little too little to be a big sister. but i'm trusting God and believe that you and this little dude will be great friends and allies and advocates for each other.

the first year flew.
can't wait to watch you grow more and more and more.
love you.


Amanda said...

I JUST finished this same post for Rylan! Guess that means I'm 2 weeks ahead of you ;) (But still 2 weeks behind!)

Joy said...

Loved this. Love your baby girl, and I don't even know her :) Love YOUR heart and spirit. I know you're an amazing Momma!

Kim said...

Such a sweet post for such a sweet little girl. You're a great mama. :)

Oh, I am totally all about 'go with the flow'....