Tuesday, May 18, 2010


a better day. she slept pretty good last night.

(playing "cooties" with the girls...well with avery before bath)Photobucket

she had a decent morning...another HARD afternoon, but after i finally convinced her to sleep for awhile she had a great evening...Photobucket

she ate and played and SMILED! welcome back ashton. we missed you around here


and man, oh man, avery turns 3 tomorrow. wow. she's sleeping soundly now and doesn't know that she's gonna wake up to some micah fowler :)

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Kim said...

Happy Birthday Avery! It seems like just yesterday your momma brought you over when you were about a month and a half old and I was 8 months pregnant! She introduced you to me and a few months later you met Bree! Wish you & Bree could spend more time together!
Hope you have a GREAT day little girl.