Saturday, May 15, 2010

the husband

i'm alone right now.

wierd. it's saturday morning. the girls stayed at my moms last night. dave's playing some golf.

it was his birthday yesterday. he finally caught up to me in all of my 29 glory :)

we went to nosh. and then to see the new robin hood.

i snuck in a picture right before the line started moving.

the movie was lame, but the company made up for it.

there is so much to know and love about david. i wish you all could know him the way i do.

his pursuit of the Lord.
his passion for not wasting time.
the way he challenges me in every area of my life.
he is NOT a defender of himself.
a man of few words.
he changes poopy diapers.
and gives baths.

i love him. Happy Birthday David Andrew!!

1 comment :

Courtney said...

happy birthday, david! i wish i could know you...

and the movie was really lame?? pat really wants to see it...but we NEVER see movies in theaters unless they are worth it! not worth it??