Sunday, August 29, 2010

friends and church and zoo trips in may

yesterday was so hard on me phsyically and emotionally and today? today i just feel better.

i think it was salsa brava with a bunch of friends last night.
and worship this morning in a sea of people crying out to God.

being in community helps you take your eyes off of yourself. amen?
"woe is me" is an annoying place to be anyway.

so here i am, super blessed momma of almost three. tired and uncomfortable, yes. but i can totally rock this. i know i can.

so these pictures were taken back in may. i'm not sure why i never did post them because they are awesome. Photobucket

we went to the zoo with grandma nancy and headed straight for the gorillas. Photobucket

they feed them at 9:30 and so we got quite the show.Photobucket

avery was hilarious. the gorillas were hilarious. Photobucket

i think it was my favorite "zoo" moment ever, from any trip, to any zoo. seriously.





and the carousel.


we have two really amazing grandmas in town.


i've never known parenting without my mom and dave's mom around to help and babysit and all that jazz.

and that my friends, is one amazing thing to be grateful for.

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