Tuesday, August 17, 2010

random sentiment

dave and i ate strawberries and icecream on the deck tonight. i'm very thankful for the few minutes of calm we can have together in an otherwise whirlwind of a day.

i find myself believing that the transition from two to three children will come easier for me than from one to two. here's to hoping. i'm such a sentimental psycho that change does me in. getting rid of the crv, potentially selling our house, adding a third child in the mix....all of these things leave my emotions open and raw. i'm even on the last page of a very special prayer journal that i've had for years. geez. i actually feel silly for feeling this way. none of these things are bad or tragic or sad even. they are all good. it's funny when blessings bring on tears of joy and sadness. i'm a wierdo.


i can't tell you how good it was to see jess a couple of times last week.


at pikes perk the other night (many, many old highschool friends in one place) it was great to sit and chat with nate and andy in the background. so comfortable. so refreshing, so highschool

(motioning for steph (jess's good friend/old roommate) to jump in the picture)

memories are deep with this girl.


oh, and she's a starbucks icon. she runs like 16 starbucks in LA.

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Amanda said...

I totally agree! Change (even good change) is so HARD! Ugh!