Wednesday, December 15, 2010

random thoughts plus random pictures

my kitchen was busy today. there was way more going on in there than normal.

sugar cookies.
granola bars.
getting dinner in the crockpot.

and at one point i was standing there browning ground beef to go in the crockpot (thanks lindsay!) and christy's post from this morning came to the forefront of my mind.

"be here. in this moment."

man, that is hard to do...i mean can't "do" being. hmmmm.

i need practice at being.

it's easy to feel guilty about just being. we moms are bred to be efficient. and it's not efficient to just be.

physical needs all too often trump spiritual ones.

i hate that.

there's a little church close to my parents that does a live nativity every year.

they serve hot chocolate and cookies and do a great job "performing" the nativity.

it was COLD. but definitely worth it.

avery got to pet a goat, a sheep and a lama.

lindsay and alyssa had us over to make christmas angels!

they both gave their angels eye shadow.

and alyssa came over to help ashton and just kept saying "oh ash...oh ash" every time ashton would put something in the wrong place! ha!

grandma elsberry arrives tonight! matt and rocio on sunday!

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