Wednesday, January 12, 2011

at our house

i'm in the kitchen making dinner. it's quiet. i hear the girls playing down in the newly moved and reorganized play room. "it's working." i whisper. "they love it."

i snap a quick picture.


two minutes later.
literally two minutes.

all are gathered in our postage stamp kitchen. they bring babies and towels? and play money.

next to momma they must be.


lindsayw4 said...

Looks like a fun little playroom! I've noticed that Alyssa, and Mason too now, want to be where ever I am even when all the toys and fun stuff are in another room. Nate wanted to have the playroom in the basement and I knew if it was down there A would never be down there unless I was too. I'm sure they will get used to their new room. We should get together soon!

Courtney said...

yes, so true! THIS is why i try to convince pat that the kitchen is the FIRST room i would remodel...we're in there all the time! and if we could...i'd LOVE to make it function for US the BEST!

Danielle said...

Can't wait to come and see your newly rearranged space. Looks perfect!

Laura said...

I want to see a pic of your "living room" now!! Rick does not get why we always have toys on the main level. I tell him, they want to be near me, and at least when they are I can keep up with what they are doing!!