Friday, January 21, 2011


we finally seem to be falling back into routine over here. when we're cruisin' in normalness our weeks take on a somewhat relaxed rhythm. i try not to be too strict or i fail. miserably fail.

mondays and wednesdays we try to stay home. all day. sometimes it's awesome. sometimes i hate it and feel like a hermit. but almost ALWAYS i feel like a better mom on these days. preschool and cleaning keep us busy.

tuesdays and fridays we try to come out of our hermit like ways and do mops or playdates.

and thursdays? oh thursdays are my favorite. it's the day away from all things stay at home mommy. it's bad that that's my favorite day right? oh the guilt!

thursdays are for sipping coffee with best friends and shopping sans kiddos. i'm blessed beyond measure to have TWO grandmas to carry the kid load for me on this blessed day.

it's amazing how long it takes to recover and get back to routine after the monumental month that december is. i think mid-jan through mid-may is really the only solid amount of time to create and keep routine. the rest of the year flys and is full of holidays and summer days with not much "normal" in between.

here's some glimpses into our first official normal week.



"only mark on the paper, okay ash?"

we started lil kickers again this week.

pep talk with coach matt
what a pro
she scores!

this may seem random and totally weird, but i absolutely LOVED seeing her little shoes and legs all covered in grass. even if it was fake grass. warmed my heart just a bit.


here's to routine.
and here's to holding it loosely.


Christy said...

I hope I can claim some Thursday time with you. The weeks are ticking by...

Amanda said...

Your routine sounds awesome and so balanced. I'm totally jealous - especially of your Thursdays so definitely don't feel guilty for them!!

sandi said...

Don't ever feel guilty that your Thursday get away days are your favorite. They are this grandma's favorite as well. I love the days I get to enjoy my grandkids. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! They are so well behaved and precious...