Friday, March 4, 2011

big red

big red is sick. (new nickname for ash thanks to secretariat)

she's had a fever on and off since yesterday afternoon. poor, sweet little thing fell asleep on me three different times today.

she was ready for a nap right around 10, just like her little brother. avery and i took advantage of our quiet morning and made some granola. Photobucket

we really did have a ton of fun just the two of us. so rare that that happens.


and i caught ian mid-roll this afternoon. he was on his back, made it to his side and i grabbed the camera for the grand pull-that-arm-out-from-under-me finale!

way to go little dude.

all three are asleep already! i hear dave getting the tea bags out and hulu is just waiting for us to get caught up on modern family and grey's. happy friday night to all.

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Laura said...

Modern Favorite show right now!!