Thursday, March 31, 2011

great grandma elaine elsberry

the weekend before ashton's birthday, gg elaine turned 86.

i'm afraid i cannot fully grasp what a blessing it is to have a grandma who prays. it's just the way it's always been. when someone is always there, always loving you, always holding you up in prayer, always supporting and being interested in you, well, it's just hard not to take it for granted.

(her first bday celebration at my parents with a birthday pie)

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she is an extraordinary person who has lived an extraordinary life. she is a forever student, humble and giving, and always, always putting others before self. it's remarkable.

(aunt julie was in town! this was on her actual birthday! enchiladas and chocolate chip cookies)

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(ashton's standing back all shy and then all of a sudden.....)


(she rushed up to blow out the candle! gg didn't stand a chance!)


she winters in colorado and is about to head back to iowa.


it's always sad to see you go grandma! we love you!

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