Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the second week in june

it was hot enough for this

eating lunch while wet from the pool and drying in the sun is delicious

yesterday vanguard became new york city.
we painted taxicabs and practiced scripts and jumped around to "our God".

oh and we have a growing empire state building. yes, indeed......right up by the stage there is a building that will grow as the kids earn points. wow. eileen larkin is impressive.
and tomorrow morning at 9 am kids will fill those seats and i'm praying that the Holy Spirit will become more alive, more real, and that His voice will be what their hearts hear.

plus Ordinary Girl (laura fowler) will be pushing Captain Regular (ellen goad) down the aisle in a shopping cart that's been transformed into a taxi cab. shhhh don't tell the kids.


Heidi said...

Lucy had that same bathing suit that Aves is wearing, but she was only 1 with a huge belly. :) I love these hot days this week - what a blast! Enjoy :)

Dimitri, Melissa & Kajsa said...

Kajsa needs a pool like that in Pittsburgh. Hot and humid here lately. Last nigh the neighbors hose was the best part of the day ;-)

Courtney said...

love that pool!!! and, our church is doing the same VBS later in july. i keep deciding it would be too much, with transitioning to 6 kids and all...but then WANTING them to be there!