Friday, July 22, 2011

10 months

the girls are at Santa's Workshop with grandma and grandpa houle and i'm spending my day with this little guy.


jonathan betz came over to take some 9 month pictures of him (but really he's 10 months...shhh)


ian LOVES food. he'll eat a whole banana in less than 2 minutes. for reals.

he's still nursing 3-4 times and taking 2 solid naps a day.

the girls and i drag him everywhere and because of it, he seems to be a pretty go-with-the-flow little dude. avery was not that way. i wouldn't let her miss a nap for anything. i may have been slightly crazy back then.


i'm thankful for 10 months of ian david!!

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Kim said...

thank you for coming to bree's bday party! i enjoyed having you and the girls over and enjoyed holding mr. ian!! maybe we can do dinner soon and finish our sentences, :) Kim