Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the nords

we had the privilege of spending time with the nordgrens during their 6 hour layover in denver sunday night.


they are living in a little town nestled in the valleys of central cali.


he trains athletes.
she does bike tours of vineyards and teaches yoga.


they are way too cool to be our friends.

we took them to sweet action. have you heard of this place? crazy ice cream flavors. christy's order: whiskey brittle and colorado sweet corn.

it's sad to not really know when we'll see them next.
praying a trip to california is in our near future.


Christy said...

Awesome pics. I was thinking about that sweet corn ice cream just today:) We will see you again soon. We'll plan the best California trip ever.

kirstin & jordan said...

Sweet Action Ice Cream is a few blocks from my parents house! LOVE that place!
We even made a little stop there when we were walking the neighborhood when I was in labor with Piper Jane (my parents were watching Burke and we were walking and walking and walking- haha!). :)