Tuesday, July 26, 2011

spoiled rotten

there is something remarkable about living in the same town as both dave's parents and my parents. both are eager to spend time with our kids, to bless us with date nights and create memories with their grand-kids. it's neat to see them actively building legacy into avery, ashton and ian.

these kids don't even know how rare it is that their cups are continuously filled up with grandma and grandpa love.

this past weekend, their cups were overflowing...

north pole with grandma and grandpa houle


campout with grandma and grandpa elsberry (check that schedule out!)

and if grandparents weren't enough, the kids (and i) are blessed with a cousin who loves and serves and wants to create memories and traditions too.

here we are at our all girl pool party on saturday.

and i can't help but smile and sigh as i look through these picture.

all is grace.

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Amanda said...

Your kids are definitely overwhelmingly blessed!