Tuesday, January 31, 2012

time capsule

so, i totally stole this idea from my old friend kirstin (well, current friend too, but you know what i mean), we were close back in the wedding days when everyone was getting married and we trucked the same mirrors and votive candles from reception to reception.

she is super creative and crafty and has an awesome craft blog.  she's the real deal.  and she's totally famous :)

any way, our first family night in january we made a time capsule.  i filled out three cards for each of us:


and then we tucked them inside our decorated capsule.  avery was into it and all of her answers were hysterical.  i forget them already!  so the idea is that our time capsule will stay tucked away in our scary crawl space until our first family night next january when we'll drag it out and see how we did on our goals and predictions and see how "who we are" has changed over 2012.  such a great and fun idea!

here they are, proud as punch of our sealed capsule bearing the name we gave to 2012.


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