Saturday, February 18, 2012

painting and hair

it's painting weekend!

ed and sharon came and we are all working on painting the upstairs of grandma velma's house.

we are sneaking in some play time too

those are some spunky red heads right there. 

i love this picture!

she is so happy that we are painting her house!  she just keeps making us food!


this morning i got to go have coffee with my fam and then paint for a while ALL BY MYSELF.  thank you dave.

and tonight dave and i are going to a fancy  valentines dinner and i decided to try this with my hair.


i had to use two head wraps because i have way too much hair right now.

i look hilarious and i really, really hope it looks half way decent when i take these out in a couple hours.

i'm so risky.


laura said...

I tried this on Maddie's hair the other day. I couldn't figure out how to finish it! For the most part, it worked well. Would love to see pics of the finished product! And have tips on how to finish off the ends!

Courtney said...

can't wait to see how it turned out!!