Wednesday, February 22, 2012

why librarians get a bad rep

i took ashton on a date last night to the library.

i stood at the counter and unloaded our books and ashton stood next to me and coughed.

i really wasn't fully aware of the fact that ashton was coughing, because i was distracted by the fact that i couldn't find one of the books on tape that i knew was due.  ugh.

we started walking away and then i knelt to help ash take off her coat.  the librarian must not of realized that we were still in ear shot, because she nudged her friend and said "did you see that? she really needs to teach her to cover her mouth when she coughs."

i can't believe how much that comment hurt me.  like, i picked ash up and started tearing up as we walked back towards the children's section.  i mean, geez, does she not realize how often we feel like failures?

i tried to shake it off while ash and i picked new books and played computer games, but i was hurt.

on the way out, i went back up to the counter and apologized for not telling my daughter to cover her mouth.

i wasn't really sorry.
it may have been just a bit passive aggressive.

but i felt better.



Melissa said...

Her mother should've taught her how to be kind and polite. That's a MUCH better skill than covering your mouth. :)

Laura said...

You go, girl!

Amanda said...

Amen Melissa!

Kim said...

You are a better woman than I. I would have probably not set a good example for my daughter that day by telling that librarian where to go....just sayin'.