Monday, March 5, 2012

and we're on number 3

well, that didn't take long.  an anonymous donor got wind of this and wanted to hire a mechanic on the spot.

(he wants to keep it anonymous, but i just have to mention that he's family, and he's weathered lots of storms, and he loves Jesus, and has a big, big heart.  and one day, i'll make him some enchiladas)

2 mechanics.
100 wells.
10,000 people.

i'll be back later with some updated information on the raffle.  if you haven't bid yet, get ready to, because i suppose we can't stop now, we have 17 more days so we might as well try to train a third mechanic.

a third mechanic!?!


it's supposed to be almost 70 today!!  i'm taking these monkey's to the zoo!!


The Moffats said...

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G - So we are officially drawing for TWO photo shoots!! wooooowhooo! I'm really hoping for THREE!! God is blessing you, sweet Mandy. Above and beyond what you have asked or hoped for.

Holly said...