Thursday, March 15, 2012

so, back to water

exactly one week from today is World Water Day.

last year, the blog-a-thon, lovingly referred to as typeTAP, raised over 10,000 dollars in 24 hours.   insanity.  i remember checking the numbers every10 minutes (okay maybe every 5) and watching the number rise  and rise and rise and finally hit that ten thousand dollar mark.  in one day.  because of us.  wow. (the median donation that day was 20 it's true, it really was because of us)  

The Prem Rawat Foundation matched every single one of those dollars, enabling theadventureproject to help WaterAid's Well Mechanic Program fix hundreds of broken wells, turning clean water back on for approximately 600 people per month.  

this year, The Prem Rawat Foundation is going to match our donations up to 25,000 dollars.   um.  that would be 50,000 dollars.   that would be lots of well mechanics trained, lots of clean water flowing and hope spilling out everywhere.  

there are several of us committed to using our little spot in social media to highlight the well mechanics being trained in rural india.   and if you have a blog or a facebook or twitter account, you can be a voice too.  sign up to use your voice to advocate for clean water on World Water Day, Thursday March 22nd.

i read this on jen hatmakers blog, she's referring to the Joseph Kony case, but i couldn't stop thinking of us and world water day....she's picturing herself talking to her children when they've grown about what she did in the face of injustice.....

i hope to say,  “I joined the fight, because justice denied anywhere means justice denied everywhere. I jumped in, imperfectly, even though I knew critics would come out of the woodwork, questioning my motives and methods and ignorance and intentions. I decided to use my voice and my resources, because that could be my daughter and my sister and my community. That mother is me. Those children are you. I didn’t get it perfectly right. I couldn't address it all. I couldn't even address the entire scope of one problem. I didn’t change the whole world. But I moved. 

a week from today is world water day.  move with me.

p.s.  bidding is still open for the raffle!  one more week, one more mechanic. :)


Mama Vincent said...

We just donated $30! I am bidding on the free soccer spot and the enchilada dinner. Excited to be a part of this!

Naomi Haverland said...

Wow... the part in the smallest font, about the median donation, was really encouraging. That's how much I bid, and I thought it was a trivial amount.