Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ultimate Voyage

it's 50 days until another narnia vbb.

and if you're unfamiliar with vacation Bible blasts of the narnia variety, go and watch the video in this post. 
and if you want to be reminded of what God does during these weeks, go and watch the video in this post.
and if you think you want your kids to be involved, go and watch the video in this post.

and really, you all should just go and watch the video in this post. 

it's blurry and grainy and a little long, but i've cried every time i've watched it today.  

i've cried because i see leaders in there who have been doing vbb for years and years and years.  leaders who are passionate and creative and don't care about acting silly and crazy if it means teaching kids about God's love.  i've cried because i'm reminded of my time on staff at vanguard.  i've cried because watching kids worship and memorize scripture just makes me cry.  

but mostly i cry because i'm terribly excited about what's going to happen at vanguard church in 50 days.  

my prayer for the kids during that second week in June has been this: 

that they will believe that God has made them exactly who they are meant to be,  that they will have the faith to know that God's dreams for them are amazing and that they will have CONFIDENCE and JOY in who they are in Christ.  

i want all of your kids to be there.  

let the 50 day countdown begin.

register here.  

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