Thursday, August 23, 2012

first day of school 2012

i imagined this morning so many times in my head over the past few weeks.  zipping up her khaki jumper, tucking a note into her lunch and reminding her to say "please" and "thank you".

and then it was here, her very first morning of school, and we lived it and it felt surreal and normal all at once.


she'll be there all day every thursday.  she's got two snacks, a water bottle with lots of ice,  a star shaped peanut butter sandwich and a blanket for rest time.

i don't think she was a bit nervous.  this picture was taken right after daddy got her backpack on and handed her her lunch, right before we walked her into her little building.

she quickly hung up her back pack, put her lunch on the shelf and excitedly found her "spot".   she grabbed a pencil and said "bye mom" without even looking up.   i imagined a longer experience for sure, it all just happened so fast.

"text and email all my friends and family, okay mommy? tell them it's my first day of school."   got it, babe.

i snapped a picture of her classroom as i walked out the door.  i mean, seriously, i was in there all of 5 minutes.

it's 12:04.
i wonder if she's opening up her lunch box and chatting with new friends.
can't wait to pick her up.

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sandi Elsberry said...

Oh my gosh - this grandma is not sure I want her to grow up so fast. She is growing up so wonderfully! I love her so! Kindergarten looks good on her!