Wednesday, October 31, 2012

fighting for hope

Okay ya'll. remember how we're trying to move a farmer from poverty to middle class?

remember this post? 

the offer still stands.  bid on a bottle of rose and or syrah and help us get as close as we can to the 400 dollar mark.

10 bucks for the rose (reg 18)
15 bucks for the syrah (reg 36)
adding an enchilada and guac dinner for good measure.....10 bucks for that (this one is priceless ;))

donate here.

then tell me (facebook, email, blog comment) which you'd like to bid on.

don't really want the wine or the meal, but still wanna help?

just donate here.

I'll draw names on friday!

sad to say, but chances are darn high that you'll win if you bid.  :)

heaven come down. 
give us perspective and Your eyes.
let us ever and always fight for hope and not just for ourselves, but for our friends, our neighbors and for those who know not what hope is. 


Mike and Amanda said...

Hey Mandy!

Bidding twice for a chance at the Rose! Love that you do this!

lindsayw4 said...

I bid on the enchiladas and guacamole!