Friday, October 26, 2012


we had our first field trip today.
and we also had our first field trip get cancelled today. 
there was like an inch of snow, but the girls wanted to play in it none the less. i sent them out with bowls and spoons so they could harvest our first snow crop of the season.  (okay that was cheesy)

first hot cocoa + snow of 2012.

and this may be overkill on the drumming videos, but this kid comes into my room and says "song on, sit chair" like 47 times a day. (this may be a slight over-exaggeration)

he moves the desk chair over to the bed, grabs daves sticks off of his practice pad and goes to town.  
he makes THE funniest faces.  he'll turn his head to the side, make a serious, furrowed brow face and pretend to sing.  it's so cute and funny and it makes me realize how much he watches his daddy's face while he drums.  a little worship drummer in the making.  

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Mama Vincent said...

Do not stop posting little Ian drumming videos! They are ADORABLE!