Friday, October 19, 2012

the one with too many photos

remember miriam?  here she pretends the street is the nile river.  and how bout those beautiful yellow leaves in our neighbors front yard? 

and here's a bad picture of the free circus i took the girls to.  it was sub-par at best, hardly any animals, but there was a guy who showed us how great he was at cracking a whip, so that was a real treat ;)  but the girls were in heaven.  avery kept saying "i can't believe we are at a real circus"

and the micah fowler is leading the girls in a science experiment once a month. 
she's doing the 5 senses with the girls and this was the "touch" box she made.  super duper. 

watching curious george at hellums while they gave our odyssey a new battery.  we love Bob Hellum.  

and ian insisted on sitting up at the table with the girls during school one morning.  he wanted to do school with his own book. :)

grandma and grandpa wanted to treat us to a pumpkin farm last weekend.  unfortunately it was the coldest day in the past week :(  

we managed to have a bit of fun before we called it quits and went to lunch. 

and oh how this picture makes me smile.  riccara grey, raleigh tillman, melissa hayward and i all had lunch at wisdom tea house on wednesday.  let me tell you something....that doesn't happen every day :)

ian and i helped out in ashton's awana class this week.  

the proper open house was so much fun. 

and look! billy and emily have a red fridge! 

and the grand finale of our week:
miss ash woke up with a sore throat and quickly spiked a fever.  
a few of her little soccer teammates have had croup recently.  i hope it doesn't turn into that.
we have had some rough times with avery and croup. i hope ash doesn't have to experience it. 

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Laura said...

We were so bummed to miss the Proper Wine Open House! Too many kids doing too many activities in one night. Next time, for sure!