Saturday, November 3, 2012

the time we went to a 1920's masquerade

i love these pictures so much!

last saturday night g and e threw their annual costume party, 1920's style.  they even bought an antique phonograph for the shindig. 

it was so fun to see everyone come through the door.   we all just looked so vintage, it was fabulous. 

we even had a little vintage hartley babe :)

 dave looks great in a fedora. 

the great gatsby and his lovely bride hosted the evening.  

after every one was there, we teamed up for the murder mystery.  we solved riddles and gathered clues to find out who the murderer was.  the game was clever and so well done.  alicia and i had blast :)

after you completed phase 1 and unscrambled the password, you were to head downstairs, knock the door and discretely say the password. 

then you were able to head into the speakeasy where casino games and a lovely bar tender awaited you.
plus, you were given a list of more riddles and had to find more clues. part of the game was playing the casino games until you won enough chips for the dealers to hand you another clue.  so clever. 

i was rather fond of the black jack dealer. 

alicia and i got 2nd place :)

such a fun night. 


Melissa/Mel said...

this might totally make me a blog stalker...but i've been waiting (somewhat anxiously) for your halloween party and dave look great! and the party looks like a blast!

Laura said...

It looks so fun and everybody really looks good. Bummed we missed it.