Tuesday, December 11, 2012

and here's what we've been up to....

this was on the night we celebrated mom's birthday. 
(it may or may not have included some throw up)

dave and i's parents treated our family to a trip on the Polar Express!  The royal gorge train provides this amazing experience for kiddos.  they get to ride on a train, are served hot cocoa and santa gets on board and gives them a bell. 

avery was in complete awe the whole time. 

it was a special night.
(it may or may not have included more rounds of throw up)

micah did a fun ornament experiment with the girls.  if you dissolve borax in water and hang pipe cleaners in the water, crystals will form on the pipe cleaners as the water cools!  i couldn't believe how well it worked!

using our neighbors ladder to get some more ornaments on our tree. 

fire and movie night. 

 our annual trip to the live nativity!

snow angels!

i love the way they look when they first come in from playing in the snow and pull off their hats.   :) 

grandma n stopped by to read us a story!

working on some homemade christmas gifts. 

okay, well how's that for a whirlwind catch up?  merry christmastime to all :)

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