Tuesday, December 18, 2012

twas the week before christmas! aka "i'm a dork"

twas the week before christmas, there was a lot to get done.
there was a season christmas party

even santa joined the fun! 

(this is my dad, the kids had no idea, it was so obvious, but they had no idea.....the beard on this costume was so super fake and on the way home avery goes "mommy, i think he was the real santa because he had a real beard!" ha!)

we filled several bags with some fabulous treats

in hopes that we can give them away on the streets.

(i believe i first heard about this idea from hosanna barton.  we put granola bars, hand warmers, gloves, trail mix, a bible or devotional that i scored from the arc, and a christmas card with info about a place in the springs that offers temporary housing for the homeless.  now we're armed with a hopefully helpful bag to give out to those we see holding signs on the street corners) 

we went to see the most famous ballet of all

the one about clara's nutcracker doll.

two of the girls that i taught at church were in it and one of avery's little soccer buddies!  i sat right beside ash and my grandma elaine (it was both of their first ballets!).  what a special night.  mom even treated us to montagues after the show! 

we went with some friends to see lights at the zoo!

and drove around looking at a bunch more too!

(took the kids out of bed last night to go drive around! so fun to do!)

 we made us some snow men out of cotton balls.

and we're hoping to get to watch snow as it falls!


oh wow.  i really am a dork.

today was SO fun.  last week we were surprised to find two barbies and a little car on our door step with a sign that said "you've been RACKed"  (random acts of christmas kindness).  how fun is that?  so the kids and i decided to spread some christmas cheer of our own today.  we drove around leaving stuff on doorsteps and speeding to the car after the door bell was rung! it was great!  and THANK YOU to whoever left our special little surprises.  the kids LOVED that :)


Melissa/Mel said...

looks like a great day(s).
love it!

Raleigh said...

you are a total christmas dork! but it's one of the things I love about you. =)

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