Friday, January 11, 2013

christmas eve

the girls did gingerbread houses at grandma nancy's house the weekend before christmas.
 on christmas eve, ash wrote her name for the first time!  (i make her do it during school, but this was the first time she did it without me asking her to!)  and in case you were wondering that is her and rapunzel in the picture.  this girl's got it bad for rapunzel. :)

on christmas eve morning, dave was reading his bible and ian sat right next to him for the longest time and drove cars all over him. up his arm, around his back, on his head.  adorable.

the girls helping me make our christmas tree and candy cane pizzas.

a blurry one of grandma reading the kids a christmas story.

gg elaine made the girls their very own gingerbread men.  oh how blessed we are.

 and then it was off to the airport to get uncle matt and aunt rocio!  and it was SNOWING!  what a fun night!

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Amanda said...

Ian looks so much like Dave laying in front of the fire! Makes me remember fun high school times at your parents house :)