Tuesday, January 8, 2013

once upon a december

dave took ash on a date tonight and while they were gone the littlest helped the biggest with her puzzle.  he sat there and handed her piece after piece... "twy dis one, aery"

they came home with a new converter for my memory card.  it had stopped working and i could not get pictures off of my camera onto the computer.

so now i'm faced with 112 pictures from the last two weeks.  yay. :)

traditional christmas baking at grandma's house with gg elaine.

it's impossible to make it through december without candy cane cookies and cornflake wreaths.

my mom is the best at making christmas special.

8th annual ms. mandy christmas date.  oh these girls.  i love them so. 

chritmas at grandma and grandpa houles!

grandma nancy got the girls 6 weeks of gymnastics classes and little leotards!

they started today and it is just about the cutest thing i've ever seen.

hoping tomorrow's schooling goes a bit smoother than monday's. ay yi yi.

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