Monday, January 28, 2013

thankful for...

finding a good school rhythm for our days

training for spring soccer season

a budding little friendship

some nice january days and a helpful big sis

my very own three musketeers 

it doesn't feel quite right, but i have to go back to december one more time.....

mom and dad treated us to a little get-a-way in estes park over new years.
there was a perfect little sledding hill right behind the condo we stayed in. 

watching aunt rocios computer.

and we went on a sleigh ride on new years eve.  
it was so unbelievably fantastic.  i smiled the whole time!  we really went over the river and through the woods, and it was snowing!  big, huge flakes of snow!  
so fun! 

ash was trying to catch snowflakes the whole time.  

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