Tuesday, March 12, 2013

i'm in the band

"mom, we have a band."

cutest band ever. 

dave's mom brought a box full of toys he had when he was little.  the kids are having a blast with this old drum and instruments from daddy's past.  such a treat. 


you can still be the first to bid on a 2 hour session of face-painting for an upcoming party, or family bbque (summer's coming!!) or any other event that would be livened up with some face paint.  your 20 dollar bid will get your name in the hat twice.  and right now, the odds would be entirely in your favor ;)

1 comment :

Holly said...

seems as though people like competing with me so I'll stir the pot - I'm in for the face painting! (I know I'm like 1500 miles away but my nieces aren't and they'd love this!)