Saturday, March 23, 2013

raffle results

i just donated the last of the money i received last night at our water party.  it was from a 5 year old and a 6 year old who didn't want the day to go by without using their piggy bank money to, through tears even, fight for clean water.  how bout that?

$5,471 dollars.

i can't even do it justice.  i barely slept last night.

i truly am sorry for keeping you waiting with the results.  it was fun to draw the names at the party, i made everyone else do it so i wouldn't have to.   jess took pictures of each name after it was drawn and i'll put those up here as soon as i can, but for now, here are this years winners.

Rose-Lindsay Walker
Interrupted-GG Elaine
Seven-Sandi Elsberry
Matching Skirts and Bows- Amanda Sussman and Carolyn Hawkins
Raleigh's Print-Julie Lorig
Enchildas/guac-Kirstin Gentry
Sassy Sweet Cupcakes-Ellen Goad and Raleigh Tillman
Proper Syrah-Lindsay Driscoll
Ghana Bag-GG Elaine, Jody Landers and Raleigh Tillman
Peasant Dresses-Tisha D.
On Guard Oil-Amanda Haag
Proper 3 pack-Rudy
Soccer Camp-Heidi White
Enchiladas Plus wine-Danielle Finzel
Oil Pastel-Rudy
African Charm-Courtney Cassada
Copper Necklace-Mel Hayward
Hair Pen Set-Rudy
Earring Set-Rudy
Renee Bag- Raleigh
Bloom Book-Courtney Cassada
Skinny Wrap- Lindsay Walker
Face painting- Kim O
Lois Clark's jewelry- Velma Knierim
Photo Session- Melissa Bolton

we brought some serious good news yesterday.  couldn't have done it with out you.
to Him be the glory.


Laura said...

Wow, Mandy!! You went above your goal. I love that! I love it for you, and I love it for this project!!

Tisha said...

Yes, how about that! Fantastic!!

Melissa Martynyuk said...


The body at work...