Friday, May 3, 2013

ashton's awana awards

ashton had her awana award ceremony on wednesday night.

 when she woke up from her nap and i told her it was time to get ready for her award ceremony.  she kept saying "i'm so novous about my amony."  "i want to stay with you mommy."

here she is singing the awana cubbie song with her little classmates. 

when we got there she gave me two big hugs and two big kisses and then sat down with her teachers and friends.
i was so proud of her. 

getting their tiny cubbie bear to put on their vests

she was front and center during their little worship performances. 
and she kept smiling and giving me thumbs up's.
i couldn't keep from tearing up because i knew a big part of her wanted to run down to me! 

cubbie came in at the end! 

we love her so. 

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