Tuesday, August 27, 2013

houle school

our first official homeschool day was yesterday.  i stayed up way too late chalking chalkboards, sliding chore cards into little pockets, and filling school boxes with new glue, crayons and pencil sharpeners.  

i'm not gonna lie, it felt a bit like christmas eve.  

checking out their school loot. 

star bursts for my star students.  
i'm a cheese ball. 

a first grade pancake

a preschool pancake. 

opening some new learning puzzles for the newly implemented learning stations.  

ian's a do-a-dot 'er

avery's at the window station.  gosh i love the way the sunlight comes through and makes patches on the wood floor right there.  such a perfect spot for puzzles and pattern blocks and lacing toys. 

started this book with ashy girl.  1 down, 99 to go. 


Miss G said...

Yay! Happy school!! Kelly

Laura said...

You really a rock star at this thing! Love it all!! I am currently revamping our chore system. It worked well for a year and a half, but not so much now with bigger kids. Hoping I can figure this thing out AGAIN!!

Melissa/Mel said...

you. are. amazing!