Wednesday, October 9, 2013

the one about glenwood springs

the day before we drove the 3 hours up the mountain to glenwood springs with dave's family, my wonderful monther in law bought me these moccasins.  and, i kid you not, i have worn them every day since.  

have you been to glenwood springs? 
the drive is unbelieveable.  and it was so green and the sky was so blue and there were cliffs and the interstate runs right next to the river.  

we stayed in a hotel that was right next to, like 10 feet from, a gondola that takes you up to an adventure park that is built on top of the mountain.  

in my gondola were these three beauties....

and us...

uncle don, aunt erin and libby were right behind us! 

and precious little toby's hand was on my knee the whole time.  
he's my only nephew you know. :)

here is an onslaught of all of the goodness that was waiting for us at the top of that mountain. 

 our first stop was the ferris wheel.  

this was the view from said ferris wheel. wowsers. 

 next was the soaring eagle sky ride.  
ashton did this with me!  so fun. 

the alpine slide was the all time favorite ride of the day.  

the track wove back and forth down the mountain and you could control your speed.  we all rode this one like 10 times. 

don, erin and dave and i took the bigger kids on this one.  

a little kid roller coaster that all the kids could do!
can you spot the crazy aunt?  

and this!  this was SO fun.  it was a giant swing that swung you out over the mountain.  what a blast.  i rode that thing 4 times.  kady and ally did it with us!  and so did grandma nancy. 

the view from the swing. 

the view looking down from the swing. 

they call the mountain we were on the "swiss cheese" mountain because of all of the caves.  we went on a cave tour and learned about stalactites and stalagmites and all that jazz, so it totally was a school day for us ;)

break for lunch.  check out that view.  

we seriously had the best day.  it was a monday in september so most kiddos were back in school.  it was supposed to rain, so that kept people away, but instead it was like 75 degrees and we were pretty much the only ones there.  the kids rode things over and over and would just run from one ride to the next.  

we were so thankful that grandma and grandpa treated us to this fun day as a family.

you should totally go. 

the hotel we stayed at had a mini water park inside! so we wore these kids OUT!  

here, dave was going down the slide with ian and at the end of the slide, he just chucked him in the air. 
ian LOVED it.  


and here are some slide videos for your viewing pleasure. 

ian wanted to watch all of these videos while i was posting this and he said "i want go there sometimes again."

me too, buddy.  :)

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The Moffats said...

awesome pics! I want to go! love that you are capturing this for your kiddos. memories made for sure! miss you all!