Tuesday, November 19, 2013

some life documenting

ash and ian are snoozing.
i'm sitting here next to aves, she just learned how to hand knit and is absolutely ecstatic about it.
some funny things she's exclaimed while practicing her new found hand-craft...

"every home needs a person who knits!"


"i've always dreamed about doing this!"

it's basically adorable.  

wanted to get some snapshots of our life the past few weeks up here. 

skate city. 
always a good time.  or, actually, it's not really. 
i mean, have you ever taken your kids who don't know how to skate, skating?  

early morning reading with aves.
it's so weird how she's actually become a real person.  cool. 

here's a true story.  i finished one thousand gifts in approximately 2 days but i still renewed it at the library, because i really just don't want to give it back. 
i love being thankful.  i really do. 

this is a pretty phone one, don't you think?

from our basically free trip to vail, without kids.
thanks mom and dad.  

sometimes they all three want to help with dinner.
it's kind of overwhelming. 

i'm a dork with my bed head and favorite blue mug and 15 year old sweatshirt.
photo courtesy of ashton kate. 

here we are reading farmer boy.  how fun are these books?!?
ash took this one too, and it may look like i'm pregnant with houle number 4, but i'm not, i just need to lay off the halloween candy.  

mel!  this is the ONE picture i have of the costume party.
supposedly we will get some more....

i do believe that red riding hood is indeed scarier than the wolf. 

ending soccer party at fargos.

i have such a distinct memory of finding out i was pregnant when sweet ash was 8 months old and worrying about her getting lost in-between aves and the new babe. i prayed and prayed for this relationship and oh my, it's super precious. 

church community builders open house was like disney land for my kids.  
here the balloon guy was making a train balloon for ian.  crazy cool. 

we went and found some some fallen trees up in woodland park.  dave brought his ax and saw and we brought home loads of fire wood.  

the kids loved exploring. 

 and of course we had to go to the donut mill!

happy tuesday evening, everyone! 

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