Tuesday, December 17, 2013

fast and furious and horrendously long

i can't even believe how long this is going to be.
i am literally just dumping pictures.

here we go...  

there was the time that avery did a million cut out cookies pretty much by herself

and then ash and ian woke up and we let them do some too.

ash took this blurry one of me, but here i am, doing christmas with my kids.  

we decorated those cookies with friends today and with daddy tonight. 

ian's airplane.  yum. 

yes, that is frosting on her forehead. 

the bass pro shop santa.

avery and her ballet pal megan during their 5 hour long dress rehearsal last friday. 

mom and gg and corn flake wreaths.

dave took the girls and i to see a radio production of it's a wonderful life. 

fancy snacks before the show. 

i love this one. 

showing off some school work at her open house. 

we brought our tree home on a tuesday, put the lights on on a thursday and put the ornaments on on a sunday.  

avery's ballet recital with dance for Jesus. 

and this last one was from tonight.  they got silly christmas head bands after jesse tree. 

and a week from today is christmas eve.

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Courtney Cassada said...

love seeing christmas celebrated in your home!