Wednesday, January 8, 2014

christmas day

i love christmas morning at our house.
i love that dave talked me into doing it "just us" a few years ago.
the night before we get the fire and coffee set up and then we wake up early so we can drink coffee, pray together and open our stockings from each other before the kids get up.  this year i read isaiah 9 from the message in the wee hours of christmas morning and i could not get through it.  it was a beautiful way to start the morning. 

the girls were up first so we let them start opening their stockings. 

ash got the little mermaid figures in her stocking and they both want to "just throw ursula away..." ha!

new hats knit by gg wiemer!

ian woke up just as the girls finished their stocking! his turn!

ian got a gg wiemer hat, too!

then we had left over breakfast casserole from christmas eve brunch and then read the last of our jesse tree book and the last story about christmas in the Jesus Storybook Bible. 

the last jesse tree ornament!

how fun is it to see your kids give gifts to each other!?!

the girls picked out penguin footie jammies for me.  oh my. 

i am so thankful for the way we do gifts.  they get three presents.
frankincense is a gift for their mind
myrrh is a gift for their relationship with God
and Gold is something that they want!

this year they all got puzzles for their frankincense gift and a cd player for their myrrh present. (their old one broke a while ago and they LOVE listening to stories before they go to bed!) 
ian got a "house for his trains" for his gold present. 

 the girls each got an Our Generation Horse.  i don't have pictures of the opening, because i was too busy taking a horrible video of it...i didn't even get their faces once they saw the horses! :(

then we headed up to grandma and grandpa's!

nancy had monkey bread all ready and we did a little happy birthday Jesus party before opening gifts from them. 

it was fun to get ian all set up with his new train stuff.  we made him a track with his round house, cranky the crane and his new traffic signal.  i love making tracks for him.  :)  i'm pretty good at it.  

ashton's horse, olibia

avery's horse, isabella

the kids each got a lego set.
it was so fun building those on christmas night.  

dave building with some of the kids new toys. 
 i love him.  

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