Thursday, February 6, 2014

in our world

you guys.

i feel like i'm living in some sort of warped dimension.  i've been sick for almost two weeks now.  i feel like i'm turning a corner today, but seriously, i've been coughing my way through the night and waking up groggy and congested.  it's really fun to have kids to take care of and cook for and teach when i feel like i could sleep all day.  meanwhile there's mounds of snow and sub-zero temps outside.  i feel like there's this outside world of which i have no idea how to enter in and function like a normal person.  i'm going to make elderberry syrup and start taking it every day and also do a sinus spray called "xlear" every day in hopes that i will cut down these sinus infections to, well, NEVER AGAIN.

in other news, dave and i are doing a whole30 this month and it's going well so far.  we are 6 days in and i can hardly wait to have "tiger blood" as they say....i will let you know if i really am sleeping better and waking up with tons of energy in the next few weeks, if what everyone says is true, we may never go back.  it is quite a bit of work, but i'm glad we are home so much and i'm glad that i love sweet potatoes and eggs so much. :)

 making cards for grandpa's birthday. 

 ian is pretending he is "wuis" and is holding baby emi.
notice all of the snow stuff everywhere, all the time, it never goes away. 
 we often double l, s and f after a single vowel, at the end of a base word of one syllable. 

sung to pop goes the weasel.  

she loves language arts.  

seeing avery reading on the couch in the afternoons always revives me after a hard homescholing day.  and you can't tell, but it was DUMPING snow in this pic. 

after taking a face plant outside he was all done snow.  

here's to health.
i want to be motivated again.
and sleep again.
and dream again.

okay, i know, i'm way dramatic about this. but seriously, it's how i feel.

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Laura said...

Girl, I had that sickness back in the fall and thought I would NEVER feel better. It took a good 3 weeks. My chiro said to do Emergen-C 3 times a day and I also got a product from him that really seemed to help. It was pricey but worth it.

Day 10 and I am a bit tired of eggs. Have any breakfast ideas to share?