Monday, February 24, 2014

right start

i really love our math program.

here's a sneak peak into the end of our lesson this morning.

first she rights down the sum.

then she adds with the abacus

then she finds the correct place value cards.
1 ten
and a 2 on top of the zero becomes 12.
ten and 2.

it's so visual and hands on which is great for aves.
she sees the way numbers work, she doesn't just memorize that ten plus 2 equals 12.
i love it.
and i really don't do anything except lead her through the lesson. 
it's all planned out and ready to go for us.

homeschooling may be hard, but it's not because of curriculum.  there are SO many amazing choices out there for us!  it's hard for other reasons, but curriculum is not one of them.  that's the FUN part. ;)

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