Saturday, March 22, 2014

and the winners are....

copy and pasted email from amanda:

Here they are....

Brought to you by

$5 Items
3t girls water drop shirtJesse Chupp
haitian braceletCourtney Cassada
africa earringsMicah Fowler
beaded loop earringsSondra Brasfield
3-6 month water drop boy onesieCourtney Conant
12 months Go Seek Love onesieno bids
18 months Go Seek Love onesieChrista Lloyd
Megan pieJessica Medley
$10 Items
Lindsay Walker's choose your own applique shirtMelissa Ruder
hand penned original art workGigi Orsillo
sari bari canvas market toteAlice Tannehill

enchiladas and guacAngelina Shumaker
flatirons restaurantGG Elsberry
$15 Items
courtney's cassada's choose your own applique shirt plus book Love DoesBecky Straw
1 dozen cupcakes from sassy sweet (2 winners for this)Jennifer PattersonLaura Clapp
leap frog dvd setCourtney Conant
25 dollar gift card to sew4the1Melissa Ruder
doterra introductory oils packageCourtney Cassada
proper syrahAlice Tannehill
$20 items
tisha's LOVE signTawni DeYoung
doterra's on guard oilMatt Elsberry
sari bari mini hobo bagGG Elsberry
enchiladas plus syrahMegan Hardre
wreaths by liz (2 winners)Tawni DeYoungLindsay Walker
$25 Items

sari bari carry all bagLindsay Walker
ballroom dancing lessonsKatie Turner
favorite things basket from jodyNancy Houle
spot at soccer campDanielle Finzel
$35 Items
45 minute photo session with megan hardreKelly Rollett
laura m photo sessionMelissa Paisley
$40 Items
Glee basket   Julie Lorig

Thank you EVERYONE!!! 


Miss G said...

Mandy, you have worked so hard all week (and before too I am sure) and God has used YOU to bless so many - women and men and children in Africa and so many of us here in colorado with the privilege of looking beyond ourselves, with beautiful fellowship on Friday and a thread that is being woven in these people you are bringing together from one year to the next and for the children who learned and yes even saw you cry, that is important in heir little lives and hearts and I appreciate so much the roll you've played in my son's learning about generosity and how God can use His servants here on earth to do His will and how He still multiplies loaves and fishes today and on top of all of that you've blessed us with little bonus extras in prizes! Sleep well tonight! Kelly

Erin said...

Have I told you lately how insanely proud of you I am?!? Seriously. Love your how God uses YOU!

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