Thursday, March 20, 2014

updated 2 for 1 items still left

5 dollar items

-Go. Seek. Love. 12 month africa onesie

-beyond survival wooden africa earrings

10 dollar item

-raleigh tillman photo art FRAMED print

15 dollar items

-leap frog learning dvd set.  3 learning dvd's plus a set of flashcards.  in my opionion, the letter factory movie and the flashcards teach and reinforce letter sounds brilliantly.  :)

25 dollar items
-a one year subscription to   this looks amazing! i can't wait to try it for this next homeschooling year!  a year subscription is usually 60 bucks. :)

-a one hour ballroom dancing lesson!  how fun to give this to your mom for mothers day, or to your parents for an anniversary coming up!  angelina is an extremely talented dancer and is absolutely hilarious.  who ever gets to take this class will have an absolute ball! (pun intended)

40 dollar item

over 300 dollars worth of GLEE merchandise.  we need to find some glee people.  ideas??

donate here and then come back and comment to tell me what you'd like to bid on!

thanks, friends!  one well down, three to go!


Mandy said...

Aunt Juli
1 bid on the glee basket.

ellen goad said...

one bid on either of the photo sessions!