Thursday, July 10, 2014

table rock lake

it really is a beautiful place full of memories.
not many people have heard of table rock lake, but the few who have leave pieces of their hearts down there.  

i stole a few facebook pictures from family members.  i really was horrible with my camera this year.
and i lost my phone somewhere between kimberling inn and the elsberry lake house after making a triple batch of enchiladas and a 10 avocado bowl of guacamole. 
if you've texted or called in the last week, i just haven't received it.  
should have a new phone by tonight. 

we found a blueberry farm.
grandma took the kids berry picking and they found a turtle.  and oh my gosh, ashton with no shirt and that red braid? i can't even. 

 we put on our own little fire works show.
you can do cool things like that when you're not in colorado.
i have so many awesome memories of walking through the firework tents with my big brother, making fun of him for how much he loved putting on a fireworks show for all of us, but secretly loving him for it.

i missed you at the lake, matthew mark! 

i am most definitely NOT out of my post vacation funk yet.
i'm scrubbing toilets and dusting furniture today.  and that doesn't thrill me at all.

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Matt said...

Love you sister! Really missed being down there with you guys too!!! Loved seeing the kids gathered around the growing worms...