Friday, August 8, 2014

i think that might be all of them

our neighbor, bree, is over.  bree and avery are just 3 months apart.  kim and i first met when i had newborn avery in my arms and she was very pregnant with bree.  the girls have been friends ever since.  it really is so fun for all of them to have neighbor friends.  "wanna ride bikes" "wanna come over for ice cream" "oh look, bree's outside, can we invite her over?"  sweet, childhood memories being made. makes me so happy.

they have turned our deck into a home for their dolls and their dolls horses, sure hope it doesn't rain on them.

this has become a famous little game when bree is over.  my bench turns into mommy's restaurant and they all sit patiently while i put on my waitress hat and give them all of our dessert specials.  i give them a few moments to discuss what they will order and then come back with paper and pen for affect.  

they almost always choose ice cream. ;)

good news!  this is another set of table rock lake pictures!

we super love aunt sharon

christmas in july at silver dollar city.

here is where i entrust to you a picture of my double chin. playing tic tac toe at silver dollar city.  gosh, we love that place.

reed springs sold flavor burst ice cream cones.  have you heard of those things?  so fun.

silver dollar city water guns with grandpa
 we took this picture for gg elaine at silver dollar city.

elsberry  boy cousins.

lauren and bailey were amazing with our girls!

when i was little, i once told sarah that i did not know how it was possible for me to be friends with both her and Jennifer at the same time.  come to find out, it's wonderfully easy. :)

all 8 of gg elaine's great grandchildren!
 ian and james

words can't express my love for this beautiful cousin of mine.  so many memories. i love her with my whole heart.

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