Monday, November 10, 2014

the one about the vineyard

a little run down of our weekend in walla walla.

pretty much all of these photos are courtesy of the ever fabulous stephanie kunstle.  

friday we tasted the 2013 and 2014 vintages straight from the barrel.  sean boyd makes our wine. he's hilarious and down to earth and does not have one pretentious bone in his body.

then we did a tasting at gramercy cellars with greg harrington.  he's a master sommelier.  if you don't know what that is than you should look it up.  super intense.

saturday we went to the vineyard and talked with our vineyard managers, frank and stephanie.  they know their stuff and grow fantastic grapes.  it's amazing to me how many integral parts there are to this whole thing.

so, the rocky soil.  it's a thing.

here frank explains the way they train the vines to grow where they want them to grow.  fascinating.

these are the new grapes they just planted in june of this year.  babies!

after oohing and ahhing over our beautiful vineyard, we set up a little tasting spot at a local salami market.  we sold out of every last drop of wine that we brought with us.  i cleared and washed and poured countless glasses of wine and tried to answer questions as best as i could.  people are shocked that we live in colorado.  shocked at how small the vineyard is.  but they taste the wine and love it.  it's just so fun.  we are a small operation.  a tiny david in the walla walla valley of wine giants and people just can't get enough of our syrah "on the rocks" as they say.  people have heard of us.  the proper story is spreading through the wine valley like a game of telephone.  people would walk in, grab dave's hand and say "i've heard of you guys, can't wait to try this wine."

there are certainly little off shoots of people who dabble in the wine world as a passion project, garnering a few cases of wine they've made for friends and family.  and while this was most certainly us to a "t" when this all started, we just can't help but wonder why our story is not ending there.  why all of the publicity?  why the absolutely fantastic "funky" wine?  why all of the great reviews and high scores? our tiny vineyard in the valley, growing in soil that's saturated with cobblestones is making a name for itself, or rather God is the one doing that.  who knows what's planned, but we are praying for His kingdom to come through proper wines in any way that it can.  after all, He is the true vine. ;)

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