Tuesday, November 25, 2014

these moments

i couldn't love couch time reading with these two more. 
 proof that we sometimes do geography.
 my sweet sister girlies.

one of my favorite things is when the kids bring something to work on in the kitchen while i'm getting dinner ready.  it's not always peaceful right before dinner, but when it is, it's almost magical. ;)

we've been having a language arts party after bible and chores and math.  we are just doing school but it makes it seem more fun with hot cider and toast. :)

do you know the muffin man?  he loves his little preschool book.

quilts and reading.

quilts and reading and snow!

pictures like this make me all teary and thankful.  we are blessed.
and clearly i'm taller than dave.

a serious snow-player

did you know we have a yoga studio at our house?

it's a cozy feeling, this week.  tomorrow night ignites the holiday season and we've been busily getting ready.  my cousin shared this poem with us and i love it and wanted to share it here.

the very last line.
that got me.
so thankful.

There’s something about the autumn when we’re deep into the fall
Brings a warmly thankful feeling for provision great and small
So we gather ‘round the table to enjoy the bounty sweet
From the Lord our great provider as we worship at His feet
When your spirit turns toward giving and to sharing and to prayer
And the hope of resurrection drives the shadow from your care
So you gather friends and loved ones for to visit and to sing
“Come Ye Thankful People Come” can make the rafters ring
It’s the crackling of the fire and the crackling of the leaves
The delicious smell of wood smoke and the honking of the geese
Oh, those crisp and frosty mornings when you snuggle in your chair
And know beyond a shadow that there’s Christmas in the air
Then you marvel at the Christ child the Provider and the King
And the majesty of sovereignty that gives you everything
From the Baby in the manger to the lover in your arms
And understand at last “Safe and secure from all alarms"

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